Haverland New Generation Electirc Heating

As electricity becomes a preferred source of energy for heating, increasing numbers of British people are switching to Haverland new generation, electric heating systems.

Haverland is an original innovator, designer and manufacturer in this field and widely recognised in over 35 countries throughout Europe, Scandinavia, North, South and Central America, The Russian Federation plus the Far East – including China and Japan!

In what way is Haverland electric heating “new generation?”

When we say ‘new generation’, we mean that every Haverland radiator has a built-in, state-of-the-art, energy management and control system:-

      Electronic chrono-thermostat
Unlike traditional heating systems, (which mostly utilise mechanical thermostats), Haverland radiators provide higher levels of energy efficiency by using electronic, chrono- thermostatic control.

Haverland Control Panel This state-of-the-art solution, provides high precision, temperature control which ensures that precious energy is accurately controlled and optimised to provide major energy savings.
(Haverland have certifications and accreditations for this technical feature).

Please refer to the diagram below which illustrates how electric energy is fully optimised by Haverland radiators.

Chrono Thermostat

Precise heating - ‘zone by zone’
In a Haverland heating system each room or area is treated as a specific ‘zone’ and therefore controlled precisely in terms of a specific temperature setting and heating schedule. Here again, precise zone control enables end users to optimise energy usage and enhance further energy savings. Haverland meets the requirements of Part L Building Regulations published in October 2010.

Built-in digital programming
Haverland radiators, (with the exception of the RCA models), have built-in, digital programming. There are 7 typical, life-style heating schedules which can be easily adjusted to suit specific requirements - plus one ‘bespoke’ setting.

Thermo dynamic media
Haverland offers 2 different forms of high thermal inertia media according to heating application, building fabric, climate, etc.

The first is a high density thermo-dynamic fluid which is used in radiators for low to medium thermal applications such as houses, apartments, offices, etc. The second is ‘Dry Stone’, a lightweight, stone medium which provides a more intensified thermal performance.

Inerzia Dry Stone ‘Dry Stone’ radiators are therefore recommended for use in more challenging heating environments such as larger rooms or areas in hotels, public buildings, houses etc. Both media reduce ‘heat up’ times and enhance cost efficient, thermal performance in most heating applications.

Thermal ‘safety limiter’
Haverland have in-built thermal safety limiters which ensure that the surface temperature across the face of each radiator does not exceed 75°C. This is an important consideration when specifying heating for areas where there are children or elderly persons. In particular, installation projects such as schools, sheltered housing, hotels etc. Haverland has certifications and accreditations for this safety feature.

Thermal Uniformity Thermal uniformity
Another key performance feature is that the surface temperature across the whole face of a Haverland radiator is uniform to within +/-0.5°C. This advantage further enhances the thermal performance of Haverland radiators. In short, there are no ‘hot and cold’ spots as experienced with traditional radiators.

No damage to decor
Yet another distinguishing feature about Haverland new generation heating is that the radiators don’t leave dirty marks or stains on your decor. Haverland also have European accreditations and certifications for this feature.

Designed by David Márquez
“As a general rule, radiators are not renowned for their stylish, aesthetically pleasing designs. However, we think differently at Haverland. We believe that all radiators should complement every environment - contemporary or traditional”. David Márquez

‘Drop one degree’ eco initiative
Haverland are committed to environmentally friendly practices in our factories. Join in this important initiative by ‘dropping one degree’ on your thermostat. Not only will it help reduce your energy bills - it will also help to ‘Save the Planet! Drop 1 Degree

Haverland invest in energy efficient technology and practices throughout our manufacturing plants and use recycled alluminium in our products.

Summary of main features

  • ‘State of the art’ energy management and control system
  • Electronic chrono-thermostatic control
  • Digital programmer with 7 heating schedules plus one bespoke option
  • Optimised energy use
  • Three temperature settings: Comfort, Economy and Anti-freeze
  • Thermal safety limiter
  • Thermal uniformity
  • Easy to install - minimal installation cost
  • No disruption or damage to decor
  • No boiler to purchase and service
  • No plumbing or expensive pipework to install